Accelerate Your ROI: Build Effective Employee Communications


Did you know that over 55% of HR teams are not measuring ROI at all? The rest are only partially measuring. Many companies would like to track and demonstrate cost and time savings for their employee communication program. but it can be tricky to know how to translate all of your efforts into measurable ROI.

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 The top reasons why HR teams should measure their ROI and advice for putting a process in place Ideas for qualitative and quantitative ways you can measure ROI for your employee communications 3 Simple tips for effective employee communications

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Software Design for Medical Devices exclusive case studies, from over 16 industry leaders, including: MHRA, Siemens, Novartis, and Roche Diagnostics!


Software design for medical devices is becoming subject to increased regulations, changing standards and evolving best practices. In order to help you keep up with this shifting landscape, Pharma-IQ is proud to present its 6th Annual Software Design for Medical Devices (SDMD)


SDMD 2016 will bring together 50+ professionals from across the medical device industry with the end goal of addressing their regulatory and technical challenges.

Join us at SDMD 2016 to:

* Discuss the proposed new European regulatory structure with insight from the MHRA

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Turning Growth Into a Game of Skill


After the biggest economic downturn in a generation has flattened demand, and companies have completed their cost cuts and trimmed expectations, executives have turned their attention to the challenge of growing in a slow growth economy.  It is instructive to these efforts to evaluate past mistakes and to learn lessons that have been obtained at high cost before the tide of market growth last receded.

There are at least three observations we can make about past growth efforts.  First, when markets soured, most firms successfully relied upon a systematic ability to cut costs and preserve profits.  Few firms though had the same systematic ability to sustain growth.  There appears to be a large difference between organizations’ skills in cost management and growth management.  Second, few management teams demonstrated an ability to grow when their markets weren’t growing.  In retrospect, past growth has been more a game of luck than a game of skill for most firms, propelled by the energy of rising markets.  Third, trusted growth plans were overwhelmed by market change and most organizations couldn’t learn and adapt fast enough to maintain momentum.  In changing markets – which is every market today – profitable, steady and fast growth requires much more than a fixed plan, and that’s where we’ll start the discussion.

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