Zurich Insurance analyses the impact Big Data will have on the insurance industry in 2016


Data visualisation, cyber threats, policy holder retention, enhancing the service and up-skilling the workforce are all concerns the insurance industry has. With an analysis from Kirill Pankratov, Head of Business Analytics and Market Research, Global Corporate of Zurich Insurance, this article looks at the ways in which Big Data is helping business overcome these challenges.

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5 Ways Zenith Insurance Are Using Predictive Analytics to Leverage Big Data


Knowing exactly how predictive analytics can drive their business forward, Zenith Insurance have seen great results from optimising their broker insights. Now in a position to comment on the challenges smaller insurance companies may face when adopting a predictive analytics strategy, PEX Network speaks to Jason Cabral, Group Head of Pricing and Management Information, Zenith Insurance. This exclusive interview looks at the ways in which predictive analytics will affect five key areas of the insurance industry.

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How To Create A Social Content Strategy For Your Business


Do you want to develop a strategy that drives engagement and build your brand on social media? This eBook enables you to develop a strategy that accounts for the full cycle of content creation – from idea and planning, to strategy and performance measurement.

We analyze successful content from social media and inspire you to generate new content ideas that will resonate with your audience. By defining a purpose, you can align your content with your social media strategy and business goals. As your strategy is developed, we focus on the tone of voice & visuals as it creates consistency in the way you communicate.

When the proponents of your content strategy has been defined, we focus on how you can create an editorial calendar and activity plan to ensure that your content is posted regularly. This ensures that the engagement between content and audience is constantly maintained and improved.

Once your social content strategy is developed, we highlight the metrics and tools you need to monitor to revise and advance your strategy.

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Big Data and Analytics Insurance


What is your top focus for 2016?

Gaining detailed customer insight to increase competitiveness and become more customer-centric?Transforming your people and processes to become more data-driven?Reducing risk and the costs associated with renewals, claims processes and fraud prevention through more thorough analysis?Getting to grips with an increasing mass of data from multiple, complex sourcesMost likely you are focused on a combination of all of the above…

In fact, it is highly probable that like most insurance companies, your company recognises that Big Data and analytics are the amongst the most effective ways bridge the gap between you and your customers, lower enterprise-wide risk and remain competitive.

It is probably a fair assumption too that your role has never been so challenging.

Attend Big Data and Analytics for Insurance and over three days learn how insurance companies can drive data-based intelligence achieve all the above. Whether you are further along the analytics maturity curve, or simply embarking on your data analytics journey, this forum will provide you with all the tools and techniques you need to develop a best in class analytics strategy.

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