Seven Steps to Successful Retention Automation


Most marketers are besieged by unstructured data that leaks potential.  Accessible technology can structure data in a custom way, and provide the focus needed to find insight in that data.

But you need the right mix of technological capabilities. That mix is described in this impartial guide that shares what we have learnt from working with thousands of customers to make their data make a difference.

We’ve put that knowledge in this guide, to explain exactly what capabilities retailers need in order to turn big data into big spenders.

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Predict, Protect, and Recover Revenue Across the Digital Customer Journey


Acquiring new customers is more expensive than ever. New research shows that 98% of first-time visitors never convert, and of the few that do 70% never come back.

Competing on price is no longer the answer, it’s not efficient and it’s not sustainable. By analyzing existing customer behavior online retailers are finding new ways to better predict, protect and recover lost revenue across the customer journey.

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ERFM: How to Understand Customer Engagement Better Than Ever


Wondering how to engage your customers digitally without getting lost in their inbox or newsfeed?

Learn how to use big data for personalized customer engagement. In order to succeed in online CRM you you have to measure and understand engagement. That’s where ERFM comes in.

This quick guide to ERFM segmentation will introduce you to a new approach to segmentation that offers deeper insight that will help you to reshape your digital marketing strategy and the chance to truly understand online behavior so you can begin to influence it.

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Making the Case for ‘Practical PLM’


A “practical PLM” solution delivers efficiencies right out of the gate, while easily scaling to meet evolving needs. To do that, the solution has to allow product development teams to focus on the big 4 problems that plague so many engineering departments:

Finding filesMaking revisions without errorsControlling change ordersDropped balls due to poor collaborationIn this 8 page white paper, the editors at Desktop Engineering explore how three companies addressed those challenges by implementing practical PLM solutions.

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What Does Business Process Agility Really Mean for Your Business?


Key takeaways:

– How to timely adapt customer-facing processes in response to the rapidly changing business environment.

– How to save money and get higher ROI through quick and easy process adjustment.

– How to drive better business results continually introducing and automating new processes.

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