Sell More and Sell Better Today: The Evolution of a Successful Sales Organization

Sell More and Sell Better Today- The Evolution of a Successful Sales Organization

Join Peter Ostrow, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Strategy at Aberdeen, and Mark Kolanach, Director of Sales at brij for an exclusive research and case study webcast on modern selling strategies for success on Thursday, May 7th at 10:00AM PT/1:00PM ET.

Gain insight on how to drive a more effective sales organization, resulting in a significant increase in sales productivity and ROI.

Get the scoop:

  • The latest sales optimization research, best practices, and tools to stay ahead of the competition and close more deals, faster.
  • How brij was able to capture 28 years of institutional knowledge in a comprehensive system of record, providing sales reps the ability to capitalize on all opportunities.
  • Why brij saw a stark increase in sales team user adoption, productivity and sales results after implementing Oracle Sales Cloud.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in this informative discussion and Q&A session with top sales effectiveness experts. We look forward to having you join us.

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A Short History of Data Storage


Take a look at some of the technologies that shaped modern data storage, as well as where we’re headed in the future.

In the world of data storage, there have been numerous breakthroughs, and even more flops that went absolutely nowhere. For every successful piece of data storage technology, there have been dozens more that were laughably bad.

Table of Contents:

Historical Data Storage TimelineModern Data StorageThe Move to Replace Physical StorageFuturistic Takes on What the Data Storage Could Look Like

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5 Untold Truths of Software: Why Don’t Features Lift Your Business?


If we compare the way companies worked 20 years ago with the modern business world, we could easily see how software has shaped today’s enterprise growth and rapid advancement. Software has become a critical component of how companies operate, communicate and sell their products and services globally.

However, the majority of organizations reported by academic literature and trade press had mixed success when it comes to naming direct benefits from software and IT efforts. Projects may be on-time and within budget and still deliver no business outcomes. Even when companies become aware their software investments don’t provide added value, most don’t try to understand where lines of code have failed. Instead, they lower expectations and consider software an expense that should be reduced, not an investment to be optimized.

But in today’s highly technological environment, do businesses have the luxury to reduce software efforts? Why is the added value of IT investments so hard to pinpoint? Are most enterprise software projects really “designed to fail”? The present whitepaper attempts to answer these questions, helping organizations and leaders find the right balance in a software-dominated world. The paper also tackles the reasons why any software-centric approach comes with serious constraints for enterprises.

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The VPN Checklist: Should You Be Using One?


This guide shows you 8 instances you weren’t using a VPN, but should have been.

A Virtual Private Network will help you protect your right to privacy in numerous areas of your digital life. Global news is dominated by instances of hacking, mass data collection, data snooping and more, and as our lives are now digitally intertwined with our computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, it might be the right time to consider how you interact with the Internet. There are numerous VPN solutions out there. VPN providers such as ibVPN deliver the most important things in a VPN: reliability, privacy, encryption and anonymity. If you haven’t already considered subscribing to a VPN to secure your privacy, now is the time.

Table of Contents:

When Is A VPN Needed?What do I Need to Look For?Your Quick VPN ChecklistLet’s Roundup

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Going ‘Hands On’ At the US Army Virtual Reality Game Studio


Andre Infante had the opportunity to tour the offices of the Army Games Studio, developers of “America’s Army,” and to see firsthand how the Army is using new technology in their outreach programs.

Most game studios are pretty tight-lipped, much less one run by the government. The experience was fascinating, and he’s ready to share his experience with you in this FREE ebook.

Contents Include:

The Army Game StudioThe TourVideo GamesMotion Capture & AcquisitionsComic BooksVirtual RealityAugmented RealityImmersive ExperiencesThe Army in the 21st Century

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History Is Bunk: The Future of Transportation Will Be Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before


The modern car is the same basic product that the Ford Model T pioneered, way back in 1908. It’s prettier, faster, and safer – but the core of the product hasn’t changed in over a century. As Henry Ford knew, the world changes fast, and sometimes it demands something fundamentally new – a new revolution, for a new century.

The real future of the car is safe, efficient, and totally invisible.

Contents of this eBook include:

The Rise And Fall of The American CarWhy Aren’t Millenials Driving?The Future of The CarWhy The Future of The Car is a RobotPublic Transit And Autonomous VehiclesPlanning For The FutureThe Predictable Future 

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