Speedrunning Culture: The Future of Single-Player Gaming


The beauty of video games is that they’re interactive, meaning you can play them however you wish.This may not be as true in an online multiplayer setting, but is certainly true for singleplayer games.The culture of speedrunning is a perfect example. Download this free guide to learn about the speedrunning culture and where it’s headed.

Table of Contents:

Speedrunning: A Humble StartThe Drive of a SpeedrunnerWhat Makes a Good Speedrunning Game?The Boom in Speedrunning CultureSpeedrunners on Twitch to FollowWhat’s In Store for Speedrunners?

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Geek Guide: Apache Web Servers and SSL Authentication


The bottom line is that whether you want or need to do so, adding HTTPS to a site you’re running isn’t very hard to do. In this Geek Guide, I walk through what SSL/TLS is (and isn’t), how you can create or buy a certificate, how to install that certificate into an Apache server and then how to configure Apache such that a subset of URLs on your system are covered by SSL.

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The True Value of Digital Big Data


Having the sponsorship and the drive for cultural change is a luxury that many businesses struggle with. The ability for digital 

teams to work independently but also have the collaborative capabilities and opportunities to be able to implement new 

changes is key. Having the power, signed off by management, to delve deep into the BI functions and convert analysis into 

actionable insight to take data-driven initiatives to the next level is an area of vast importance for telco organisations today. 

Jason McGee-Abe, Editor of PEX Network, speaks with John Belchamber, Global Insight Manager at Telefónica, about how they operate in the big data arena outside the Nordics: breaking 

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