JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing


A unit can be a function, a class, a package, or a subsystem. So, the term unit testing refers to the practice of testing such small units of your code, so as to ensure that they work as expected. For example, we can test whether an output is what we expected to see given some inputs or if a condition is true or false.

The most popular testing framework in Java is JUnit and we have provided plenty of JUnit tutorials. Now, we decided to gather all the JUnit features in one detailed guide for your convenience. We hope you like it!

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How Will SSL VPN Survive in The Mobile Era?


SSL VPN has been a key technology for mobile workforces for over a decade now, but as the market moves forward, will it continue to be? As new challenges of the modern workforce confront IT providers, SSL VPN technologies will need to make changes in order to stay relevant in the Mobile Era. How will SSL VPN change? What is the future of SSL VPN?

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What SSL VPN is, its benefits, and pitfallsThe biggest problems with remote access todayHow SSL VPN will evolve to fit the Mobile Era

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